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 If you are having trouble discerning where your time and unique gifts can best be used click on the question mark below. 

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Music Ministry

Music Ministry plays an important part in leading people to God; to worship Him in spirit and in truth in communion with one another. Music Ministry at Nativity of the Lord, St Paul and St. Veronica includes:

  • Cantors: Talented singers who have the  additional leadership skills to lead sung prayer at Mass. Cantors serve on a rotating basis. 

  • Sanctus Choir: This adult choir sings at our three parishes for weekend Masses, Holy Days, and major events. 

  • Instrumentalists: We encourage and invite instrumentalists to bring their talent to the parish community!

  • Handbell Choir: Using the beautiful parish chimes and handbells, this Choir enhances our worship during the liturgical year.

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Liturgical Ministry

There are a wide variety of roles in which you can choose to serve at Mass. All are important and needed. Each role is normally scheduled in advance by the specific ministry lead. We invite you to consider serving at Mass!

  • Mass Greeters

  • Altar Server-Students in grade 5 and up

  • Altar Server-Adult

  • Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

  • Lector

  • Hospitality Minister

By serving at Mass, you are helping lead people to God. Helping them to worship Him in spirit and in truth in communion with the Church—the one Body of Christ, that we may be filled with grace to go out into the world to love and serve the Lord. What greater service is there in the life of a parish?


Adult Ministry Team

The Adult Ministry Team envisions, oversees, coordinates, and evaluates all adult ministry programs and events in partnership with parish staff and under the overarching vision of parish formation, to help our members grow deeper in their relationship with God. 

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Catholic Social Justice Committee

The Catholic Social Justice Committee was formed to educate ourselves and others on all aspects of Catholic Social Teaching.  Our current focus is on racial justice and healing, which are essential to recognizing the Life and Dignity of the Human Person.  We aim to learn and then take action to make this a world consistent with Jesus' teachings.

St. Simon of Cyrene is our patron saint.  St. Simon heeded the call to carry Jesus' cross.  His example inspires each Christian to bear burdens for those who cannot.  Social justice is one burden that the Catholic Church calls each of its members to bear.

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